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When you partner with CNP, it will enhance your organization's visibility as a socially responsible company, and bolster your image and brand. With your support, we will be able to realize our full potential in Canada and we will impact our community by providing active mentorship, leadership programs, community service, and other capacity-building activities.

Some of CNP Impact Our CNP Mentoring have supported and matched over 300 mentees to date, and we have been instrumental in supporting people to get jobs in their professions. We continue to advertise and showcase small businesses in the community. We have hired through the summer students program, 19 summer students in the past 2 years, and supported over 40 youths in leadership skills, life skills, and financial literacy. Our BHM Celebration and Essay writing competition is focused on the continued education of our youths in their history, we have provided bursaries to 9 students in the past 3 years. CNP language school and Coding Program have supported over 250 and 50 students and youths respectively in the past 2 years. We provided school supplies to over 250 students, and raw foodstuffs to over 500 families at the onset of COVID–19, and donated funds to charitable organizations. CNP had the Power of Inclusion maiden event, a 3-day program that impacted over 20,000 people in the Canadian community.

  1. Lead by example, Improve Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.
  2. Demonstrate that your organization cares about diversity and inclusion 
  3. Associate your brand with a spirit of community, generosity, teamwork, and social services. 
  4. Your logo will appear on promotional and event materials including programs, table cards, and presentations 
  5. Align your goals for corporate social responsibility with specific aspects of CNP work with the community 
  6. Be part of a network by supporting and attending CNP events 
  7. You will impact the community to improve lives locally and get the chance to be part of something bigger 
  8. Recognition on CNP social media channels, website, and during specific events.
  1. To support the holistic wellbeing of individuals, marriages, and families.
  2.  To enhance the leadership, career, business, and professional development of members. 
  3. To provide support to new Immigrants and international students. 
  4. To provide training and information on wealth management and financial empowerment. 
  5. To provide programs that enhance children's (Grade 2 to Grade 12) empowerment. 
  6. To foster better integration and understanding of Canadian Multiculturalism and interfaith.


All Gold perks

Company representatives introduced during all in-person events for brief remarks

Permanent listing in all programs

Featured semi-monthly in our newsletters

All Silver perks

2 table in our in-person events

Permanent listing in most programs

Featured quarterly in our newsletters

All Bronze perks 

1 table in CNP in-person events 

Featured bi-annually in our newsletters.

Featured on Website 

On all our Social media handles (Instagram | Facebook | Twitter | Linkedin) 

Featured on magazines printed Listed on our donor's banner 

Discounted tickets for any in-person events

With your donation today, you are helping to provide timely, quality and relevant information to support people of African Heritage across Canada as a whole to enable them be a positive contributor to the country. At this time receipts are not tax deductible as we are registered as a Non-For-Profit. We hope that we would attain charitable status soon with your support. Thank you

Okay, let's wrap this up

We continue to keep our promises and increase our impact year over year. Please visit our website info@cnpngo.ca for additional details. Our continued focus and strategies with your support will enable inclusivity and reduce unemployment, underemployment, mental illness and increase the overall wellbeing of people of African descent.

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