Power of Inclusion

"Diversity makes us stronger. Equity ensures that everyone has a fair chance to succeed. Inclusion allows us to tap into unique perspectives and talents of all Canadians"~ Hon. Minister for Women, Gender equality and Youth of Canada, MP. Merci Ian

The 2022 Power of Inclusion event will feature community and corporate leaders, leading the dialogue on Inclusion. POI is aimed at continuing the much-needed conversation to ensure change from the status quo. It is also our way of welcoming other people from diverse cultures into our space, to deliberate and learn from each other to better appreciate our uniqueness.

The sub themes are thought provoking and will elicit different sentiments from different people.

Council of Nigerian Professionals Inc. (CNP) therefore presents the second edition of Power of Inclusion.#POI2022 

Power of Inclusion: Strength In Our Diversity!

This three (3) day event will be held from Thursday - Saturday, November 10th - 12th, 2022.

There are three sub themes representing the focus of discussion on each day.

Power of Inclusion 2022 Videos 


November 10, 2022

Theme: Rising Above Boundaries


November 11, 2022

Theme: Inclusive Leadership


November 12, 2022

Theme: It begins with me


There are individuals, community members, and leaders, who are change agents, setting the tone, and changing the narrative about inclusion. CNP is glad to announce that, these people will be recognized and celebrated with; Power of Inclusion Awards in three (3) categories: Leadership, Champion, and Community.

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