Power of Inclusion


November 16 - 18, 2023

Little drops of water, 
Little grains of sand,
Make the mighty ocean
And the pleasant land.

So the little minutes,
Humble though they be, 
Make the mighty ages
Of eternity.
~Julia Carney

Special Message from the President

People who are constantly thinking of differentiated ways of making purposeful, intentional, change, to the way we live. 

As we all know, change is dynamic. It could be spearheaded by different people, from diverse cultures and areas of expertise. It could be a student, technology experts, bankers, artists, writers, engineers, lawyers, and so on, who are taking the bull by the horn and doing things differently, no matter what.

These change agents do not do these things because they are popular, but because they are the right thing to do to impact the world we live in. They are doing it purposefully. These sets of incredible people know that not doing anything actually negatively impacts their personal lives. 

And so, what should you expect during this power of inclusion Catalyst for change? You will be seeing a lot of different speakers, much more than before that will be speaking on religion, education, technology, banking HR, engineering, legal and environmental experts, sharing how they are changing the narrative as change and inclusion agents.

I really love this simple yet powerful proverb that says, "drops of water makes an ocean." Drops of water actually makes an ocean when we all put our drop in, and so as a change agent are you going to put your drop in, and make that change happen in your surrounding, in your environment, that the rippling effect, will actually affect, not just Canada but the world! I look forward to seeing you.

Join us, and be that Catalyst For Change in someone's life.

Our BIGGEST POI event yet!

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