Settlement Services

...for Canadian Professionals of African heritage.

We equip and support Nigerians and people of African heritage professionals towards sustainable growth, development, and prosperity in Canada

Touching lives since 2018

We've been serving Canadian professionals of Nigerian and African heritage since 2018!

Experienced Leadership

CNP Inc. is led by Executives who show the way, lead the way and feel the way. 

Life-Changing Events

Our events are the vehicles we use for empowering our members in Canada.

Thriving Community

The pillar that holds us together is our community of passionate & helpful members.


About us

There are a lot of things we're not but what matters most is who we are. Our journey, values and dreams...


CNP events are empowering. We have multiple events taking place every single month of the year. Stay connected...


Canada can feel lonely, we all know. But much more important is that we thrive within a community. Discover...

Recent Blog Post

We don't write much. But when we do, you need to pay attention 💯

Adejisola Atiba

My personal view is that we live in an STDA era, focused on superficial technology. Our kids (all under 20) were born into tech, that's all they know...

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